44 Dating of Egyptian Zodiacs with Equal Treatment of all Admissible Decodings

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With discovery of partial horoscopes the dating of Egyptian zodiacs took a new dimension. The amount of the astronomical information now available is sufficient not only for finding a unique date for a zodiac, but in fact, also to verify the correctness of the used decoding. In the earlier attempts, based on the preliminary analysis, a decoding was chosen and only then used to carried out the calculation of the dates. Now, we do not select the "best" decodings but instead, we calculate the dates for all admissible decodings, and next compared them with the additional information. In this way, the correctness of a decoding is determined as a result of calculations. This method became possible due to the fact that there is now enough astronomical information available to exclude, for most of the considered zodiacs, random dates resulting from incorrect decodings. It is statistically impossible to have a date in the historical time interval, which corresponds to incorrect decoding and in the same time satisfies all the astronomical conditions retrieved from the zodiac. Let us point out that for a successful application of this method to obtain a reliable dating of an Egyptian zodiac, it is not necessary to have all the four partial horoscopes present on the zodiac. However, if there are two or even one partial horoscope available, with astronomically significant information, it is already sufficient to determine which decoding is correct and find the unique main date. Of course, in order do assure that the obtained result is correct, in each particular case, we must use all the accessible astronomical information.

To be more specific, we should clarify that not every decoding is admissible. It is possible to create imaginary decodings, just by arbitrarily assigning astronomical meanings to the symbols of a zodiac. But, the principle of our method would require that the same rule should be applied to the all other studied zodiacs with no exception. That means that the same type of a symbol in a similar context, but on different zodiacs, should always have the same meaning. In this way, it is possible to eliminate many unrealistic decodings. By applying the rule that the same symbol on different zodiacs should be treated exactly in the same manner, we are able to significantly reduce the total number of possible variants of admissible decodings for the analyzed zodiacs. Still, in the case of many zodiacs there are dozens of variants, which should be analyzed and calculated.

Chapter 5

Symbolism on Egyptian Zodiacs and New Complete Decoding

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