eye of Ra, or heaven,, is the Sun ... But there are two eyes represented, and ... the right — the Sun and, the left — the Moon.45 However, we would like to suggest another explanation of the symbol of an eye on the Egyptian zodiacs, at least in the cases when it is an attribute of a planet.

Figure 5.54: The Outer Petosiris zodiac (P1). Moon with the eye symbol is emphasized by colors. See the enlarged detail on the top.

Among all the Egyptian zodiacs that we investigated, this eye appeared (in association with a planetary symbol) only twice, and in the both cases near Aries. On the Round zodiac it is placed between Aries and Pisces, and on the Outer Petosiris zodiac, it is on the head of the female figure representing Moon, in between the symbols of Aries and Taurus (see Figures 5.53 and 5.54). Let us observe that exactly in Aries, there is a star named Eye of Aries or simply Eye, which was a famous star in ancient astronomy. Nowadays, it is called Alpha Aries (or simply "a-Aries) and it is the brightest star in the Aries constellation. There is a convention, which was introduced by the German astronomer Johann Bayer in the 17th century, to assign Greek letters to stars in a constellation, according to their visibility. The symbol a is reserved for the brightest star. Aries representation as a ram (Aries in Latin is Ram) is identified with the Egyptian god Amon, who is more frequently found in conjecture with Ra, as Amon-Ra, than alone. So, the Egyptian equivalent for the expression Eye of Aries could very well be Eye of Am.on-Ra or simply Eye of Ra and be symbolized by .

Therefore, it seems that the eye, as a planetary attribute on the Egyptian zodiacs, signifies simply the fact that the planet was in the proximity of the star Eye. We have only two examples with the eye, and in both cases, it is related either to the Sun or Moon. Based on this information we can conjecture that this symbol was used as planetary attribute in association with the Sun or Moon only.

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