43 Egyptian Zodiacs as Astronomical Pictures of the Whole Year Containing the Main Date

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As it was explained in section 2.1, an Egyptian zodiacs is a recording of a particular date, which we call the main date of the zodiac. Based on our research, we claim that an Egyptian zodiac is in general an astronomical description of the whole calendar year during which the main date occurred. While the main horoscope encodes the main date, the partial horoscopes describe the four solstice and equinox days during that year. Sometimes, other symbolic scenes of particular astronomical meanings are also included in a zodiac. However, they are always related to the calendar year containing the main date. The structure of Egyptian zodiacs is illustrated on Figure 4.11, where one axis shows the time during one calendar year measured in months and the other one corresponds to the ecliptic divided into twelve zodiac constellations. The month of September is considered here as the first month of the calendar year, like it is indicated on most of Egyptian zodiacs. The curves show the planetary positions on the ecliptic through the year. For example, in order to find the position of Mars in December, we look where on the trajectory of Mars is located the point corresponding to December. On Figure 4.11, the dashed vertical line intersects the trajectory of Mars at the "height," which can be identified on the vertical axis as belonging to Scorpio. That means, in December of this particular year, Mars was in Scorpio. The trajectory of the Sun is marked by a yellow straight line placed across the picture. Of course, for different years the trajectories of the planets (except

See [109], for more details

Figure 4.11: Principal structure of an Egyptian zodiac.

4.4 Dating of Egyptian Zodiacs with Equal Treatment of all Admissible Decodings

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