41 New Approach to Decoding of Egyptian Zodiacs

In this section we will describe in general terms our approach to the decoding and dating of Egyptian zodiacs. Before undertaking the task of dating any particular zodiac, first we analyzed ancient Egyptian zodiacs with the purpose of comparing their symbols. Let us emphasize that this analysis was based not only on one, two or even few similar zodiacs, but on the collection of all accessible to us Egyptian zodiacs. It turned out, and it was not at all evident in the beginning, that the astronomical symbolism on all these zodiacs was practically the same. This observation was crucial for a better and deeper understanding of the symbolic language of the Egyptian zodiacs. Recall that all the previous researchers attempted the analysis of particular zodiacs without a systematic comparative analysis of their symbols on other available to them Egyptian zodiacs.

Let us be more specific. Is it possible to decode the symbols on Egyptian zodiacs in such a way that the same symbols would have the same meaning on all the zodiacs? Of course we have to require that the obtained in this way astronomical pictures were meaningful in all cases and their solutions belong to a historical time interval. From the statistical point of view, the last requirement, if it is satisfied, would give us a high confidence that the obtained results are not products of a pure coincidence, but they reflect the real contents of the Egyptian zodiacs. Yes, it is possible and we will provide the reader with substantial proofs supporting this claim! What is the most significant, practically all the obtained dates appear to be unique in the historical time interval and indicate a single historical epoch starting in the 12th century A.D. Let us underline that the existence of a uniform symbolic language on the Egyptian zodiacs is not at all evident. In principle, it could be possible that Egyptian artists used astronomical symbols in a somehow chaotic and unsystematic manner. For example, similar symbols on different zodiacs could have completely different astronomical meanings. However, if it was the case, we would not be able to arrive to such methodical and meaningful results, which we have indeed obtained. The wrong general approach could lead in some cases to a decoding of the planetary position which were either astronomically impossible or produced some unreasonable dates.

With the results already in our hands, it is impossible to accept the opinion claimed by Egyptologists, that ancient Egyptian artists created most zodiacs as products of fantasy, where their astronomical content was completely secondary. In what follows we'll show that the astronomical content of the Egyptian zodiacs is surprisingly rich and precise, which couldn't have been a product of pure imagination.

It turns out that behind the usage of astronomical symbols on Egyptian zodiacs, there are definite and systematic rules. For example, the same astronomical symbols or their combinations, in a similar context, always have the same meaning. However, the identical astronomical notions could be represented in different ways, exactly as it is the case in the hieroglyphic writing.

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