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Babylonian Zodiac November 2013
Figure 3.15: Brugsch's zodiac with the three horoscopes indicated..

time it wasn't a problem to create horoscopes for future dates, which could be simply looked up in the astronomy books. The story of Brugsch's zodiac definitely deserves some more investigation.

In conclusion, let us summarize all the results obtained for this zodiac. We begin with the Morozov's solution:

The horoscope in Boats:

Not investigated The horoscope Without Walking Sticks: Not investigated

The Demotic horoscope:

November 17, 1682 AD.

(Solution November 18, 1861 AD. was rejected)

84 3 Previous Attempts of Astronomical Dating of Egyptian Zodiacs Our solution for Brugsch's zodiac35:

The horoscope in Boats:

February 15, 1853 AD. The horoscope Without Walking Sticks: October 6-7, 1841 AD. The Demotic horoscope:

November 18, 1861 AD.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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