33 Athribis Zodiacs Discovered by Flinders Petrie

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The two Athribis zodiacs which we've already mentioned in section 2.1 (see Figures 2.20 and 3.9), were investigated by N.A. Morozov19. He described these zodiacs and the previous attempts of their dating as follows:

"In 1902 the British Egyptology School in London published the work of the Egyptologist W.M. Flinders Petrie under the title "Athribis." This book was devoted to the description of findings made by Petrie in 1901 in Upper Egypt near Sohag. Athribis was called in the antiquity Hat-Repit (i.e. Repit Citadel) and is located to the south from Dekr-Amba-Shenude (i.e. White Monastery), where remains of a monastery cell were discovered. This cell was dated by Egyptologists to be of the forth century A.D. To the south from that place, near Horgaze, where the surrounding rocks like a stairway descend to the Nile valley, there were excavated historical remains, which were associated by the researchers with the Old Kingdom. Earlier, in Athribis there were discovered two temples, one was estimated to be built in the time of reign of Ptolemy IX ... and construction of another was "initiated by Ptolemy XIII Auletes ... and finished by Claudius and HadrianAthribis is located on the perimeter of the desert and it was covered by the sand ... The second temple was similar to the Denderah temple or the temple in Edfu. The surrounding the temple columns exhibit Greek influence and sculpture decorations of the both temples point to the "Roman culture." ... Not far from the excavation site of these two temples ... Flinders Petrie discovered a man-made burial cave with walls covered by paintings and inscriptions. On the ceiling there were painted in color two horoscopes joined into one composition. Evidently, they were painted by the same artist, which means that the lower horoscope was painted not more than thirty years later after the upper one, but most probably, even this estimate is too large20".

Figure 3.8: A modern map of Egypt with the Middle Nile Valley indicated

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