However, this is not always the case. On some Egyptian zodiacs there is no constellation figure present or sometimes only few of them are indicated by typical figures. We will call them the Thebes type zodiacs, because they mostly come from Luxor that is located at the place of ancient Thebes. On the Thebes type zodiacs, the zodiacal belt was probably divided into several parts. It is unknown to us how these parts are related to the constellations or where they are located on the ecliptic (see Figure 2.1 and its enlarged fragment on Figure 5.19). However, it is possible to recognize there the symbols of planets, what definitely means that there is a horoscope encoded in such a zodiac and consequently there is also a particular date hidden in it. Still, it is sometimes possible to date such zodiacs, if there are at least some constellations indicated on such zodiacs.

On Figure 5.19, the ecliptic is divided into 36 parts by small marking above the figures in both, upper and lower part of the zodiacs. There are 18 parts in the lower part and 18 parts in the upper

Zodiac Constellations And Dates
Figure 5.20: The zodiac constellations on the Color Thebes zodiac (OU).

Let us consider the Color Thebes zodiac, which we denoted by the letters 'OU'. It is also a zodiac of Thebes type, but it contains few symbols of constellations, namely, it shows only these zodiac constellations in which there were planets present on the main date. These constellations are displayed together in the center of the zodiac (see Figure 5.20) and the planetary symbols are placed around them.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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