fact, on the Denderah zodiacs the symbol of Saturn is often accompanied by a figure of a bull. Therefore, it seems that the problem of identification of Saturn and Jupiter on the Athribis zodiacs should be kept open, keeping in mind that even with the new decoding Morozov was still unable to find a statisfactory solution.

But, there is a more serious issue. Our analysis of the previous two decodings of the Athribis zodiacs, which were used by Knobel and Morozov, uncovered extremely strong flaws. Namely, the same birds on the upper and lower zodiacs were somehow identified with different planets. On Figure 3.13 we show the complete set of the planetary symbols on the Athribis zodiacs together with their identifications according to Morozov and Egyptologists. On this figure one can notice that the fundamental requirement that the same symbols on the both zodiacs should be associated with the same planets, is not fulfilled neither by Knobel's nor by Morozov's decodings. It's clear that by allowing such inconsistent identifications, all kinds of various manipulations are possible, which could result in arbitrary dates without any real connection to these zodiacs.

Let us explain Figure 3.13. In the top row, there are presented the planetary symbols from the Upper Athribis zodiac and in the bottom row, from the Lower zodiac. All the planets are symbolized by figures of birds with exception of Mercury which is shown in the same way as on the Denderah zodiacs, i.e. as a two-faced male figure with a walking stick. The annotations in green indicate Morozov's and in brown Knobel's decodings. We placed the similar symbols, according to their apearance, in the same column. It is easy to see that the planetary symbols on the Upper zodiac match the symbols on the Lower zodiac. Indeed, let us point out that there are two birds with horns on each of the zodiacs, but their horns are clearly of different shape, so it is easy to match them with the corresponding birds on the another zodiac. This is not something unexpected — the planetary symbols on two zodiacs, which are the parts of the same composition, should be the same!

It is possible that Knobel's and Morozov's decodings were incorrect because of a very simple reason — erroneous assumption that the difference between the dates encoded in the Athribis zodiacs should be not larger than 30 years. In our analysis of these zodiacs we've considered all the possible variants of consistent identifications of the planetary symbols with specific planets. Moreover, we've also used the additional astronomical information contained in the zodiacs. A detailed presentation of our method will be presented in Chapter 8 (see section 8.1). However, our final result, indicates that the difference between the dates for the Upper and Lower Athribis zodiacs is 38 years. More precisely, under the condition that the difference between the calculated dates is not larger than 150 years, we have obtained for the Athribis zodiacs the following complete solution, which is unique in the historical time interval from 500 B.C. till the present time:

The Upper Athribis zodiac:

The Lower Athribis zodiac:

February 9 10, 1268 AD.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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