25 Our Abbreviations for Egyptian Zodiacs

Sometimes, it will be convenient for us to use short abbreviations when referring to the Egyptian zodiacs analyzed in this book. In particular, we will use these abbreviations to indicate from which zodiac the shown fragments or details was taken. The following is the list of these abbreviations:

- the Long Denderah zodiac (Fig. 2.8) @ - the Round Denderah zodiac (Fig. 2.5) (EB - the Big Esna Zodiac (Fig. 2.16)

®the upper Athribis zodiac (Fig. 2.20, the top one)

the lower Athribis zodiac (Fig. 2.20— the bottom one)

the zodiac painted inside the tomb of

®the zodiac from the Petosiris tomb found in the outer room (Fig. 2.22)

©the zodiac from the Petosiris tomb found in the inner room (Fig. 2.21)

@ - the Brugsch's zodiac (Fig. 2.13) ^^ - the zodiac from papyrus (Fig. 2.1)

^ the zodiac from the tomb of Ramses VI lRM - (Fig. 2.36)

Chapter 3

Previous Attempts of Astronomical Dating of Egyptian Zodiacs

Egyptian Zodiac Thoth Horoscopes

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