However, as it is clear from Figure 3.12, the Morozov solution wasn't perfect. For example, he was forced to assume that only the lower zodiac was based on direct observations, while the upper one was calculated with high inaccuracy. This was his explanation for the fact that Mars on the date specified by his solution for the upper zodiac was not located in the right place on the zodiac (see Figure 3.12). Moreover, the order of the planets in Morozov's solution is different from the order on the zodiacs. For instance, the order of the planets in the surroundings of the Sun on the lower zodiac, according to Morozov's decoding, is as follows: Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars (see Figure 2.20). However, in the Morozov solution the order is: Mercury, Mars, Sun and Venus (see Figure 3.12), so it is inappropriate to consider Morozov's solution for the lower zodiac as satisfactory. In fact this solution has several flaws, the most important of which we discuss below. N.A. Morozov commented his modified decoding as follows:

"First of all, a question arises if the interpretation, by the British Egyptologist School, of the bird with snake-like tail as Jupiter, and the bird with bull-head as Saturn, is correct? Flinders Petrie's book doesn't mention even one word why it is so27.."

After that, Morozov proposes to interchange the identifications of Jupiter and Saturn. He explains:

"Jupiter, as it is well known, was turning himself into a bull, but not Saturn. Saturn was considered as an ominous planet ... so the snake-like tail agrees well with its nature, but not with the blissful nature of Jupiter28.."

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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