On the preserved part of the outer Petosiris zodiac (P1), the symbol of the Sun is most likely missing. Thus, the representation of the Sun was probably located in the fragment of the zodiac that was destroyed, i.e. somewhere around the constellations Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius. However, it shouldn't be excluded that the Sun could still be symbolized by another symbol inside the preserved part of the zodiac, for example, by the symbol of 'fS-eye above the female bust representing Moon (see Figure 8.21). Nevertheless, our computations proved that this particular identification did not lead to any final solution for the Petosiris zodiacs. We can consider these results as a kind of confirmation of our hypothesis that the symbol on the Egyptian zodiacs did not stand for any particular planet, but it was a way to indicate that a particular planet was in a proximity of the star Eye of Aries (a-Aries) (see subsection 5.4.12).

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