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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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ahuromancy Divination by the observation of cats archetype In Jungian psychology the name for separate personalities inside the unconscious that are the same in all people; in various mythologies, religions, and folk beliefs around the world they take the form of various heroes, gods, angels, and demons aspects Astrological term for the relationships between planets in a horoscope, the relationships are measured in degrees astragalomancy Divination with dice or knucklebones of animals; the knucklebone or talus is called the astragalos in Greek astrology The study of the relationship between the planets and constellations and human behavior and destiny augur A priest of ancient Rome who looked to birds for signs of Jupiter's approval or disapproval automatic writing Divination by putting a pen to paper and writing whatever comes to mind bibliomancy Divination by opening a book to a random page brontoscopy Divination by listening to thunder cardinal Astrological term for one of the three qualities of a sign; cardinal signs mark the change of one of the four seasons cardinal virtue One of the four virtues—temperance, strength, justice, and prudence—that Plato considered essential to human development and that are depicted in the Tarot chiromancy Another term for palm reading clairvoyance The ability to know something without a physical connection to the source crystal ball A ball made of a clear transparent rock called quartz, or a solid glass ball made to imitate quartz, used for scrying descendent Astrological term for the sign of the zodiac that is descending the horizon in the west at the moment of birth; one of the four angles divination Obtaining insight, wisdom, or direction from a source of wisdom in the unconscious known as the Higher Self dream book A book that lists symbols found in dreams and their meanings ecliptic The path the planets follow through the sky; a complete circle of 360 degrees that seems to surround the earth elements In divination, a reference to the four ancient elements— earth, air, fire, and water—that are the four qualities applied to signs in astrology and related to the four minor suits in the Tarot ephemeris A book used by astrologers listing the positions of the planets for each day of the year fixed Astrological term for one of the three qualities of a sign; fixed signs are centered in one of the four seasons fortune-telling Predicting the future; usually used to describe superstitious methods based on the belief that the future is fated and unchangeable haruspices Ancient Roman diviners who read the livers of sacrificed animals; this type of divination is called haruspicy hexagram One of 64 symbols used in the I Ching; each has divina-tory meaning and is composed of six lines, some with a break in the center, representing the yin or feminine force, and some unbroken, representing the yang or masculine force; the 64 hexagrams are composed of pairs of eight trigrams

Higher Self The unity of the conscious and unconscious minds and the source of inner wisdom hippomancy A form of divination practiced by ancient Celts in which divinatory meaning was obtained from the movements of sacred white horses horoscope An astrological birth or natal chart created for an individual, showing the positions of the planets and signs at the moment of birth houses In astrology, the 12 divisions of the ecliptic that unlike the signs do not rotate; used as a measure of the movement of the signs and to add meaning to the position of each sign hydromancy The use of a bowl or body of water for scrying

I Chinc An ancient Chinese book used for interpretive divination incubation The process of focusing a dream to receive an answer to a specific question inductive divination Looking for communication from the Higher Self in nature, such as through omens interpretative divination Creating a pattern with objects to communicate with the Higher Self, such as lots, dice, or tarot cards intuitive divination Direct communication from the Higher Self, such as in a dream or vision lots The use of a tool such as sticks, rocks, bones, dice, or a coin, which is thrown on the ground or a table to gather information used in divination lychnomancy Divination performed by observing variations in the direction of a candle flame mandala An idealized or sacred map of the world, usually in a circular form; used as a board in divination or for symbolic significance as in the World card in the Tarot metoposcopy Divination by reading the lines on the forehead midheaven Astrological term for the sign of the zodiac that is at the top of the sky at the moment of birth; one of the four angles mutable Astrological term for one of the three qualities of a sign; mutable signs are starting to change seasons nadir Astrological term for the sign of the zodiac that is opposite the midheaven at the moment of birth; one of the four angles natal astrology Astrology used to create charts for individuals based on the moment of their birth oneiromancy Dream divination oracle A person who can communicate with a god, usually a woman; also the place where the communication happens ouija board A board with the words yes and no, the letters of the alphabet, and the numbers 0-9 written on it; used with a pointer called a planchette to receive messages from the unconscious or the spirit world palmistry Palm reading phrenology Divination by reading the shape of the human skull and the bumps on the skull physiognomy An ancient Greek form of divination involving the shape of the human face pips The 10 numbered cards with a repetition of the suit symbol found in each suit of playing cards and in the four minor suits in the Tarot prophecy Predicting the future; particularly applied to diviners in the Bible pythia The title of the oracle at Delphi, always a woman. Female oracles may also be referred to as sibyls rising sign Astrological term for the sign of the zodiac that is coming over the horizon in the east at the moment of birth; one of the four angles royal cards The jack, queen, and king in each suit of playing cards, and the jack or page, knight, queen, and king in the minor suits in the Tarot runes One of several Germanic alphabets, which flourished from 150 to 700; can be inscribed on clay, wood, or stone pieces to be used as lots scapulimancy The use of the shoulder blades or scapulas of large animals, like cows, sheep, and deer, which are thrown into a fire to crack and are then interpreted as a form of divination; particularly in ancient China scrying Looking for a vision in a transparent or shiny surface, such as a bowl of water, a mirror, or a crystal ball synchronicity Jung's term for an event in physical reality that coincides with a psychological event in a way that is meaningful and yet without a cause and effect relationship

Tarot A deck of 78 cards used in divination composed of five suits: four minor suits that are similar to regular playing cards, and a fifth suit with 22 mystical figures tasseomancy Divination by reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine residue that are left in a cup after drinking telepathy Receiving information from mind to mind without using the five senses trumps The 21 numbered cards that along with the Fool comprise the fifth suit in the Tarot unconscious The largest part of the mind; the part of the mind that is not conscious but is the source of all dreams, memories, and thoughts

Urim and Thummim Divinatory stones or lots used by ancient Hebrew priests yang In Chinese philosophy the masculine, light, warm, active force yin In Chinese philosophy the feminine, dark, cool, passive force zodiac The 12 astrological signs that each take up 30 degrees on the circle of the ecliptic, which is the path that the planets follow through the sky: it can also refer to the 12 constellations found along the ecliptic


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