table 5.2: Signs of the Zodiac (continued)

July 23-August 23 Fixed Fire the house of the Sun

July 23-August 23 Fixed Fire the house of the Sun bossy independent idealistic warm center of attention egotistic extravagant


August 24-September 23 Mutable Earth the house of Mercury precise economic industrious modest analytical critical sense of inferiority


September 24-October 23 Cardinal Air the house of Venus diplomatic positive seeks balance & reconciliation considerate artistic indecisive procrastinator


October 24-November 22 Fixed Water the house of Mars & Pluto steadfast secretive intense intuitive intimate cynical easy to anger /


table 5.2: Signs of the Zodiac


November 23-December 21 Mutable Fire the house ofJupiter versatile fun loving optimistic traveler liberal irresponsible restless


December 22-January 2 0 Cardinal Earth the house of Saturn economical ambitious cautious systematic productive self-conscious snobbish


January 21-February 19 Fixed Air the house of Saturn and Uranus sociable observant independent eccentric sensible arrogant stubborn


February 20-March 20 Mutable Water the house of Jupiter & Neptune unpredictable imaginative inner directed creative spiritual absent-minded dreamer escapist a way to measure this movement. So, they visualized the circle of the sky as divided into 12 houses each taking up 30 degrees, like the signs, but standing still. Each house has a sign that is more at home there, but the signs move to different houses and the house that the sign is in at the moment of birth tells more about it in a person's chart. They are numbered counterclockwise from one to 12, with one at the left side of the circle. Here is a list of the houses with their meanings and how they relate to Schon's illustrations.

• 1st House: This is the house of the body and of the self-image; the woman in the illustration is giving birth to a new body.

• 2nd House: This is the house of money and possessions.

• 3rd House: This is the house of environment, family ties, and early education.

• 4th House: This house speaks about home life; it might be called the house of the house.

• 5th House: This is the house of creativity and love, including children, creative projects, business, and art.

• 6th House: This is the house of service and health.

• 7th House: This is the house of marriage and partnership; the illustration shows a wedding.

• 8th house: This is the house of sex and death, which are deeply connected to the mystical quest and psychic ability.

• 9th House: This is the house of philosophy and higher education, also travel.

• 10th House: This house deals with career.

• 11th House: This is the house of friendship but also hopes and fears, the ups and downs of fate, which is why Schon depicted the wheel of fortune.

• 12th House: This is the house of the inner self and can show sorrows and limitations, like the person trapped in the stocks.


table 5.3: The Aspects, Their Distance, and Influence


positive or negative o°



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