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The Lord of the major period will give the results of the houses it rules and the houses and house lords it aspects. TO USE THE PLANETARY PERIODS CORRECTLY ONE MUST FIRMLY UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLES OF HOUSE RULERSHIP AND THE TEMPORAL STATUS OF PLANETS AS ALREADY OUTLINED. THIS SYSTEM IS SPECIFIC FOR INTERPRETING THE RESULTS OF PLANETARY PERIODS. The Major lord is considered to be casting an aspect towards all the planets and houses but doubly so those it has an aspect on in the birth chart.

The Lord of the minor period will also be casting similar aspects as the Major lord. Most important is the relationship between the Major and Minor lord. Whatever relationship is present between them in the birth chart will be magnified. Generally, the Minor lord will be considered to be casting aspect on the Major lord, modifying therefore the nature of its results. If no direct aspect exists in the birth chart, their influences will still be combined as if a direct aspect did. For example, if Jupiter and Venus are both benefically disposed in the birth chart but have no aspect there, still during the Jupiter major

Venus minor period (or vice versa) many of the effects of a Jupiter-Venus aspect will be in evidence, though not as strongly as if a full aspect existed between them in the birth chart.

Note, besides aspects, house relationships. Planets in inauspicious houses from each other, like the sixth, eighth or twelfth will not tend to work well together. Those in auspicious houses, like trines or quadrants will have affects even without aspects between them.

Also note friendship and enmity. Friendly planets will give better results as Major and Minor period lords. Inimical planets will cause some difficulties, even if they both have some auspicious nature relative to the birth chart as a whole.

These different factors should be weighed and synthesized and used to adjust the effects of the periods.

The lord of the subminor period should also be considered as making aspects or forming relationships with the Major and Minor lords, as well as strengthening those which may exist in the natal chart. The Subminor lord will modulate the effects of the Minor lord.

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