Use Of Different Ascendants

Vedic astrology can consider other houses as the Ascendant for different purposes. For example, in judging the affairs of the wife or partner, one can count the seventh house as the Ascendant (for the wife) and examine the other houses from that point; ie. the eighth house from the seventh (the second house in the usual order), as representing her longevity. Similarly, the fourth house can be considered an Ascendant for the mother and the ninth house for the father. So too, planets in malefic houses from a particular house, like sixth, eighth or twelfth from it, will tend to adversely effect it. The opposite can be said for planets in benefic houses relative to a particular planet or house, like the fifth or ninth.

Houses have greater intricacy and importance in interpretation Vedic than in the Western system. The houses are treated as a system of coordinates that can be applied in various ways. However, the houses from the prime Ascendant and from the Moon-sign are the most important--the others are more for fine tuning.

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