Uranus Neptune And Pluto

The distant planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, more recent discoveries of modern astronomy, are not usually used in Vedic astrology, and quite effective readings can be done without them. Most of the influences they represent are determined in Vedic astrology according to the lunar nodes. Pluto is very much like Ketu. It represents the negative side of Mars and is a psychic, willful planet. Its influence is similarly mysterious, destructive, negative, manipulative. It can lead us into danger or suffering, even death. Uranus, like Rahu, is related to Saturn but does not so easily correspond to it as does Pluto to Ketu. Rahu is something like Neptune and Uranus combined. Rahu has the imaginative hallucinogenic side of Neptune along with energizing, shocking power of Uranus. The influence of Uranus is eccentric, erratic, disturbing and strongly individualizing force. It can force us into spiritual changes but may just derange us if we are not conscious of its power. Neptune relates to the negative or secretive side of Jupiter and is a strongly sensitizing and often psychic influence. It has a subtle Venus like effect. It is the planet of imagination, illusion, fantasy, charm.

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