The Twelfth House

The twelfth is the house of loss, as the eleventh is that of gain. It is a house of expense, as the eleventh is that of income. It shows decrease, wastage and decay. We tend to lose or waste away the traits of the planets located in this house. The Sun here shows a loss of self-confidence or a poor reputation; the Moon here shows emotional drain and moodiness; Saturn here causes weakness of the nerves and worry and so on.

It is the house of sorrow, disappointment and resignation. It indicates limitation, confinement or adversity, sometimes imprisonment. It is a secretive house and shows work behind the scenes, as, for example, in a hospital or asylum, or a monastery. Yet it is also a house of passion, luxury and dissipation, the secret pleasures that keep us hidden.

It represents the past (as the ninth house does the future) and shows past karma we are bound to or past influences we are under. It can indicate guilt, regret, sorrow and grief. It shows the subconscious, where our rational mind and ego are dissolved and can indicate fantasy, illusion, mental disorders or trance. It is an astral house and shows how we connect with the subtle planes. It indicates our after death state, where our latent impressions and unresolved deeper attachments will lead us.

The twelfth house represents the end of the life-cycle and shows exhaustion.

However, as the negation of life it also indicates liberation, the denial of ego, renunciation and surrender. It is thereby a house of yoga and meditation.

It is a house of isolation or separation. It shows one alone, negated by external adversity into a state of sorrow, or negated by inner peace into enlightenment.

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