The Third House

The third is the house of brothers, friends and companions, how we act as a member of defined group of equals. It shows the people we like to do things with, how we act in cooperation and our capacity for leadership. It shows the alliances we make to achieve particular goals.

It is a martial house, a house of prowess, and is symbolized by the arms. It shows our basic energy in life--the impulse and intention that drives us. It reveals our passion or zeal in life, along with our courage and boldness in action, which may become rashness and impulsiveness. It indicates will and ambition, the force we project in life.

The third house shows our motivation and indicates our main interests, whether physical or mental; what we really like to do. It shows whims and interests, sports and hobbies. Well-placed planets here can give a capacity for profound interest, deep research and scientific thinking.

These meanings are different than that of the third house in the western system, which relates it more to the informational mind, rational thought and logic, which are often found under its curiosity aspect in the eastern system. Combining both we would say that the third house represents the acquisitive or motivated mind and can lead us into dangerous actions.

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