The Sixth House

The sixth is the house of disease and enmity. It indicates opposition, difficulties and obstacles in life and can give many problems.

As a house of disease, planets here tend to cause physical disorders according to their nature, particularly relative to the digestive system which the house rules. Hence influences here, like those to the Ascendant, are important for showing our physical constitution in life.

It is a house of injury and shows wounds and accidents. It is a house of power and impulse, and shows the negative effects of abuse of power, which may be directed against us or come through us. It may show our own martial prowess or that of our enemies, and the dangers and inevitability of self-harm which come from any use of violent force.

Malefics here, like the Sun, Saturn or Mars, are strong and can show our ability to defeat our enemies but they still tend to give health problems and much struggle in life. As indicating our enemies in life, the sixth may thereby indicate theft or litigation and thereby cause poverty. As such it is indicative of where we should place our caution in life.

The sixth house relates to work and service, our capacity for karma yoga and for discipline and austerity. Well-placed planets here can aid in our spiritual evolution. Yet it may also indicate overwork or cause subservience. Benefics here tend to make us more service oriented, gentle, without enmity or self-negating. It often gives skill and intelligence but seldom gives recognition for them. It is a house of effort and shows our capacity to do great labors. It also shows our relationship with foreigners or distant relatives.

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