The Seventh House

The seventh is well known as the house of the partner; the wife in a man's chart, the husband in that of the woman. It is the main house for judging marriage and male/female relationships. As the house opposite the Ascendant representing the self, the seventh house or Descendant represents one's opposite or complement, the other.

The seventh is thereby a house of love and passion and planets here give a strong sexual nature. Yet it represents more long term committed relationship rather than romantic infatuations, which are better represented by the fifth. It indicates partnership in general, even on an impersonal level. As reflecting our relationship with "the other", it shows aspects of our social nature and our capacity to affect others in general. Thereby it may sometimes indicate political power or power over others, particularly if malefics like Saturn or Mars are located here. Such malefics also may render us disturbed in our sexual function.

Planets usually do not do well here for personal relationship, except Jupiter or a well-placed Moon or Venus. Mercury causes quick or superficial relationships. Mars causes conflict but gives power. Saturn causes separation, detachment and selfishness but also gives power. The Sun causes domination or control.

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