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According to Vedic astrology, the planets are relay stations for the reception and transmission of stellar energies. We should not just view them in a local light for what they may be doing within our solar system, they are bringing to us the forces of the galaxy, of the universe itself. Hence we like to emphasize the following point:

--The essence of astrology is in understanding the meaning of the planets. The meaning of the signs, houses, aspects and other astrological factors is determined by the planets which rule and significate them. Astrology is nothing but the science of the planets, as the forces of the stars are governed by and manifest through them.--

Each planet (and the concept of planet includes both the Sun and the Moon) governs one portion of the cosmic creative ray, upholds its vibration in the solar system. Therefore, it is necessary, as a basis for astrological study, to have a firm grasp of the meaning of the planets, their various indications and levels of correspondence. Astrological thinking is largely planetary thinking but according to the planets as cosmic significators, encompassing all domains of life and the evolution of consciousness.

We are all different combinations and degrees of the energies of the planets. Each of us is usually stamped by the rule of one planet as our planetary type. Most of the action we do in life is according to the nature of the planet which dominates us. Most of our relationships are according to our planetary affinities. Once we have understood the meaning of the planets we can, therefore, comprehend the whole basic field of possibilities of human life.

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