The Lunar Nodes In Western Astrology

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Western astrologers correlate the north node (Rahu) with Jupiter and the south node (Ketu) with Saturn. They see the north node as generally benefic and the south node as malefic. They interpret the north node as a point of easy expansion of energy, leadership potential and good luck. The south node appears to them as a point of obstruction, limitation, thwarting of self-expression, loss of power and misfortune.

They relate the nodes karmically: The north node is seen as a point of good karma from an unselfish past life, in which the individual used their energies

(usually represented by the planet aspected by the node) for the general good. The south node is regarded as a point of difficult karma from a past life, in which the individual furthered their own selfish interest at the expense of others. However, they regard that the influence of the north node in excess can result in a dissipation of energies. It may cause us to become carried away by mass trends and collective influences (something like a badly placed Jupiter). The south node, on the positive side, they regard can develop strong concentration and mastery of abstruse or arcane subjects (something like a well placed Saturn). The north node is regarded as showing the opening up of a new and positive karmic sphere; the south node shows completion of or limitation to an old karmic pattern.

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