The Eighth House

The eighth is the infamous house of death. It indicates destruction, dishonor and can show the negative, criminal or violent aspects of our mind. It can represent severe chronic diseases or injury leading to death. It can indicate those in life whom we are likely to lose to death. Planets here tend to cause us to suffer over the affairs they represent and give opposition and limitation. On a positive side, it can indicate wealth which can be gained through inheritance or legacy, as, for example, one works for an insurance company or who administers an estate.

The eighth house is a very deep and mysterious house. It indicates occult research, as well as profound thinking, deep research or invention, including mathematics and philosophy. It can give proficiency in tantric type yogas. It gives a strong and piercing but not always beneficent intelligence and can show genius. It can show distant travels or strange adventures, both in body and mind. It is the house of transformation.

On the negative side, it shows our connection with the dark or underworld side of life and can show evil in our nature. Drugs, prostitution and the power to manipulate others are shown here. It gives a strong sexual passion as well, and often a good deal of sexual attractiveness, but not usually the concern for partnership of the seventh house.

It is the house of longevity, indicating our span of life. Showing the nature of our death, it also indicates the factors that tend to keep us alive. The negative and positive implications of this house are major factors for determining the ultimate meaning of our lives.

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