The Biological Humors Of The Signs By Element

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The twelve signs are classified according to the three humors. Air, fire and water signs generally represent the air, fire and water humors.

AIR SIGNS are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. FIRE SIGNS are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. WATER SIGNS are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

EARTH SIGNS are divided up among the three humors, though generally they are thought to possess all three. Fixed earth, Taurus, is more commonly water, as water is fixed in quality (the Moon, a watery planet, is exalted in this sign). Mutable earth, Virgo, is more commonly air, as air is mutable in quality (Mercury, an airy planet is exalted in this sign, which it also rules). Cardinal earth, Capricorn, is more commonly fire, as fire is cardinal in quality (Mars, a fiery planet is exalted in this sign). This gives us the following order:


The signs also have secondary characteristics and some are dual in nature.

ARIES: double fire (both primary and secondary fire)

TAURUS: double water (both primary and secondary water)

GEMINI: double air (both primary and secondary air)

CANCER: general water (represents water element in the body in general)

LEO: general fire (represents fire in the body in general)

VIRGO: general air (represents air in the body in general)

LIBRA: air and water

SCORPIO: water and fire

SAGITTARIUS: fire and water

CAPRICORN: fire and air

AQUARIUS: air and fire

PISCES: water and air

The nature of the first six signs is singular and fairly clear; that of the second six is dual and can often go either way.

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