The Biological Humor Of The Signs By Ruling Planet

As per our general rule, it is the planets which are more important than the signs for determining the nature of things. The signs determine more the field of action and often are more indicative of the site of disease. Some astrologers classify the humors of the signs according to the planets which rule them—

ARIES, LEO and SCORPIO are FIRE, as they are ruled by fiery planets Mars and the Sun.

TAURUS, CANCER, LIBRA, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES are WATER, as they are ruled by water planets Venus, the Moon and Jupiter. GEMINI, VIRGO, CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS are AIR, as they are ruled by airy planets, Mercury and Saturn.

From my own experience, Scorpio, a water sign by element, is generally very Pitta in nature, as according to Ayurveda, the biological fire-humor Pitta, also contains water or oil as its base. The Moon in Scorpio is usually quite Pitta (fiery and agitated).

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