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In summary, we could say that Tropical astrology may best be called "Solar astrology". Its signs may be more accurately called "solar houses", or "equinoctial signs". Its zodiac measures the Earth-Sun relationship but has no direct correlation with the other fixed stars.

As such, its concern is with psychology, the personality and character-types, the solar side of our life and character. Its signs show how the planets distribute the solar force, but not how they distribute the energies of the stars and of the galaxy itself, the secret light of intelligence.

Sidereal astrology can be called "Cosmic astrology". Its signs are the stellar constellations. Its zodiac measures the relationship between our solar system, the fixed stars and the galaxy itself.

As such, its concerns cover a broad area. It possesses good predictive powers and, perhaps, a better basis for a spiritual astrology. For spiritual astrology we must consider the great galactic center and the position of the signs relative to it.

Both systems can be integrated. We see that both astrologies employ a system of houses. These are based upon the daily rotation of the Earth on its axis. The

Tropical zodiac reflects in addition the yearly rotation of the Earth around the Sun. The Sidereal zodiac adds to this the millennial rotation of the solar system through the precessional cycle. In this way, one could measure all three of these factors and thereby integrate eastern and western astrology. However, this becomes complex and cumbersome in actual prediction. On the other hand, both systems can also remain as alternatives, just as different healing systems exist. It could be argued that maintaining the differences between the two systems is good and allows for a broader development of astrological knowledge.

Even if one system is ultimately found to be superior to the other, aspects of one may still be helpful to add to the other. Many Vedic astrologers add Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to their system of interpretation. The greater psychological sophistication and intellectual clarity of Western astrology may be helpful to add to the Vedic system also.

Aspects of Vedic astrology, like its use of gems as remedial measures, can be used in terms of Western Tropical astrology, which generally lacks many methods for harmonizing planetary influences. Harmonic charts, which are becoming popular in Western Tropical astrology today (like the dwads), come originally from the Vedic system. Hence aspects of the Vedic system may be useful to Tropical astrologers as well.

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