Signs And Houses

The signs and houses correspond to certain parts of the body. These are as follows—



If both the sign and house of the same number are afflicted, the particular bodily part which corresponds to them is likely to be afflicted. For example, if Saturn aspects the ninth sign, the ninth house and their rulers, arthritis or paralysis of the hip is likely. If Saturn aspects the fifth house, the fifth house from the Moon and their rulers, there is apt to be infertility in women, with possible surgery or hysterectomy.

These correspondences can be made more specific. Aries and first house govern the head, the brain and the eyes. They govern the front of the head down to the eyes and the back of the head to the base of the skull.

Taurus and the second house govern the face, the upper neck to the larynx and the back of the neck to the shoulders, including the cerebellum. Gemini and the third house govern the shoulders, the upper arm and upper chest, including the lungs.

Cancer and the fourth house govern the front part of the chest to the border of the ribs and the elbows, including the stomach. The breasts are included here. Leo and the fifth house govern the solar plexus region and the mid and upper back, including the small intestine, as well as body vitality in general via the heart.

Virgo and the sixth house govern the midabdomen and the hands, including the colon. They govern the digestive system generally, as well as the body health as a whole.

Libra and the seventh house govern the lower abdomen and the lumbar region, including the kidneys and internal genitalia.

Scorpio and the eighth house govern the sacrum, rectum, bladder and external sex organs.

Sagittarius and the ninth house govern the arteries, as well as the lower back, hips and thighs.

Capricorn and the tenth house govern the bones and joints as well as the knees. Aquarius and the eight house govern the power of exhalation, the skin, as well as the calves.

Pisces and the twelfth house govern the lymphatic system, as well as the feet.

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