Sign Rulership

The signs reflect the meaning of the planet which rules them. The key to understanding sign rulership is that it reflects the orbits of the planets around the Sun.

Saturn Aquarius Jupiter Pisces Mars Aries Venus Taurus Mercury Gemini The Moon Cancer The Sun Leo Mercury Virgo Venus Libra Mars Scorpio Jupiter Sagittarius Saturn Capricorn

Cancer and Leo represent the orbit of the Sun. Around these two signs are Gemini and Virgo, which represent the two halves of the orbit of Mercury, the first planet in distance from the Sun. Then follows Taurus and Libra, the two halves of the orbit of Venus, the next planet out from the Sun. Then Aries and Scorpio, the two halves of the orbit of Mars. Then Pisces and Sagittarius, the two halves of the orbit of Jupiter. Finally we find Aquarius and Capricorn, the two halves of the orbit of Saturn, the most distant planet from the Sun. Each planet has two signs. The odd numbered sign represents the positive half of its orbit around the Sun, wherein it is increasing and expressing its energy; the even numbered sign represents the negative half of its orbit, wherein it is decreasing and withdrawing (interiorizing) its energy. Cancer and Leo represent the positive and negative halves of the Sun's rotation on its own axis.

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