Separative Planets

The Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and the ruler of the twelfth house from the Ascendant are separative planets. They serve to separate or remove us from the things in life which they influence.

If several of these separative planets aspect the factors representing the marriage partner; the seventh house, its ruler, and the significator of the partner (Venus for the male, Jupiter for the female), then separation is likely to occur. Divorce will happen easily and long lasting relationships will be difficult. If they aspect the tenth house and its ruler, there may be loss of one's job or an inability to hold steady employment. If they aspect the second house and its ruler, along with Mercury, one will live away from one's parents as a child. If they aspect the fourth house, its lord, the Moon and Mercury, one may be in danger of being separated from one's mind (going crazy). If they aspect the fifth house, its lord and Jupiter, we may be separated from our children or, more likely, we may be unable to have them in the first place, or for women in particular, surgery on the reproductive organs may be possible. We can become separated or removed from the qualities of each house in this way, according to their nature. If the same houses from the Moon sign are similarly affected the results are more likely to occur.

The Sun creates independence or burns things up; Saturn creates loss, alienation or detachment; Rahu is dispersing and gives an attraction to what is foreign or distant; Ketu makes us contract and causes negativity; and the ruler of the twelfth house projects its energy of loss and retreat, which is the nature of that house. So all these factors possess a common separative effect. This rule is very useful in chart interpretation and should be memorized.

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