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As Vedic astrology considers the houses in the Rashi or sign chart from the Ascendant and the Moon and harmonic charts, often the more specific Bhava or House chart is not used. Some practitioners use only the Rashi and Navamsha charts and do not do the Bhava at all. Most books seldom list the Bhava chart. Very accurate readings can nevertheless still be given.

It is my view that the Midheaven should at least be considered as a point of power, even in the Rashi Chart, and that the Bhava Chart, though the least important of the three, can still helpful to do. One should know what it is and how to construct it if necessary.

To approach Vedic astrology we must first of all learn to apply the houses in terms of the Rashi Chakra or sign chart, considering them both from the Ascendant and the Moon, in the equal sign system. Once these are understood then we can consult the Bhava Chakra or house chart (equal or otherwise) for more specific indications.

As the house chart is oriented towards the outer affairs of life and the signs represent more the inner nature or soul, the more specific systems of house determination should afford us better detail in judging our actions in the outer world, while the sign oriented systems should provide better knowledge of our inner nature.

Let us take an example. In the house chart (Bhava chakra), a planet is located in the eleventh house but in the sign chart (Rashi chakra) it is in the twelfth house. Say the ascendant is 25 degrees Libra and the Sun is in 2 degrees Virgo. This would mean that in terms of outer actions the individual would have great goals in life and accomplish a great deal, an eleventh house meaning. Yet in terms of their inner nature, they would be solitary or self-effacing, a twelfth house meaning.

Hence, once we have understood the basics, we can blend the meaning of different ways of looking at houses to afford us deeper insight into things.

The house systems that do not consider the Midheaven in effect regard the Ascendant as a planet, the most important of the planet, like marking the Earth in the chart. If we regard the Ascendant as a planetary point then we can see how the scheme of the houses can be used relative to any planet as a system for showing how their energy is distributed. The twelve house system, thereby, can be used independently of its connection to the Ascendant. It becomes another system of determining planetary influences that can be applied to each planet. It is this more free use of the houses as a system of coordinates that we find in Vedic astrology.

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