Raja Yoga

When a planet rules both a trine and a quadrant sign (apart from the ascendant), it gains a special power. It becomes a "Raja Yoga Karaka" or significator of great power. It can confer status, power and prestige. In the most literal sense, it has the power to make one a king or to put us in a position of political or social power. This idea includes any great position of fame and power, like a judge, mayor or administrator, not necessarily a high position. Nor does it not necessarily give wealth, knowledge or spirituality. Most political leaders have such combinations. However, these combinations are not rare and should be reinforced by several factors to be really strong.

For some Ascendants one planet by itself can produce Raja Yoga. Such planet is a doubly powerful temporal benefic. Saturn for Gemini and Libra; Venus for Capricorn and Aquarius; and Mars for Cancer and Leo, have such power. For Aries and Scorpio, Raja Yoga is produced by the combination of the Sun and the Moon. Other combinations of rulers of trine and quadrant lords (particularly the lord of the ninth with the lord of the tenth) can create Raja Yoga when well placed, and usually when the planet does not rule other bad houses.

House rulership is one of the primary methods of ascertaining the power and effect of planets. It is as important as the basic meaning of planets and signs and helps fine-tune those indications. The meaning of both natural and temporal statuses of planets must be blended properly. The basic rule is as follows:

Natural benefics even when temporarily malefically disposed will do some good, while natural malefics even when temporarily benefic will do some harm. When a planet has the same significance both naturally and temporally, the effects will be clear, unmixed and relatively easy to predict.

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