Qualities Of The Planets

In judging the qualities of the individual in the chart, we must note the qualities of the planets themselves. Even if most of our planets are in fixed signs, a strongly malefic Saturn may give much mutability to the nature, or cause our patterns to be broken no matter how strongly we try to make them endure. In terms of these three qualities the Sun and Mars are more cardinal or active, liking to lead and to dominate. The Moon and Venus are usually more fixed or passive, preferring to yield or to endure. Mercury and Jupiter are more mutable or adaptable, liking change and development. Saturn in itself tends to be fixed, tied in inertia, but its affect on other planets is to weaken them or render them mutable. The lunar nodes also function as disruptive or mutable forces, unless well placed, in which case they strengthen the qualities of the planets they are associated with and can give cardinal strength. We should also note the quality of the houses (see section).

In addition, it is important to note the particular planets in the signs of each quality. A mutable Sun, say in Gemini, will give mutability to the will and character, even if the majority of planets are not in mutable signs. A fixed Mars will give a fixed energy and purpose, even if there are no other planets in fixed signs. Hence even if there is a relative balance of the qualities, the qualities will still have their affect according the planets which they rule.

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