Power Of Ascendants

According to this principle of house rulership, we can see that some Ascendants tend to be better than others, and for different things.

Libra is sometimes regarded as the best Ascendant to have, because for it Saturn, ruling houses 4 and 5, becomes a Raja Yoga planet, a great benefic, and the main malefic becomes Jupiter (otherwise the most benefic of planets), who cannot therefore usually do much damage. Some even consider that Jupiter can give good results for the Libra ascendant. Moreover, Libra is a quadrant sign, which gives strength. However, Libra may be the best ascendant for our capacity to affect the world, it is not necessarily the best for all other things.

On the other hand, Aquarius is sometimes regarded as the worst of Ascendants because the ruler of the Ascendant (which as Saturn is already a difficult planet) also rules the twelfth house, the house of loss. Aquarius types seldom develop much fame, prestige, or charisma and often end up losers (Mondale was a typical example in the political world). Yet at the same time, Aquarius is often regarded as the best of signs for spiritual growth for this same reason, the twelfth house also indicating liberation (as for example, Ramakrishna).

By a similar principle of house-sign correlation, we see that some ascendants are difficult. Virgo, for example, as the sixth sign, has some of the negative indications of the sixth house, the tendency towards disease. Scorpio as the eighth sign, has some eighth house properties as relating to death, vice or negativity. Pisces sometimes suffers as the twelfth sign from emotional confusion.

Quadrant signs often do better as ascendants, particularly for outer affairs, like Libra and Cancer. Mutable signs do not always make for strong ascendants; most notably Gemini, Virgo and Pisces; yet Gemini in particular gives much intelligence. Trine signs like Leo and Sagittarius are usually auspicious as Ascendants.

However, it is better to have a generally weaker Ascendant with strongly placed planets than a stronger natured Ascendant with weakly placed planets. Stronger Ascendants often give high potentials or expectations in life, which if not met can give us a greater sense of failure.

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