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The laws of house rulership allow us to differentiate Ascendants and adjust the meaning of planets relative to each.

Each house represents a particular "field" of activity, the ruler of a particular house represents the "lord" of that field. Below is a list of the prime house significations:

1: self, body, general prosperity and well-being. 2: livelihood, speech, youth. 3: power, brothers, friends, motivation, interest. 4: happiness, home, property, mother.

5: creativity, intelligence, romance, children.

6; disease, enmity, foreigners.

7: partnership, marriage

8: death, destruction, longevity, research.

9: dharma, grace, fortune, father.

10: skill, achievement, success.

11: gain, aspiration, impulse.

12: loss, sorrow, limitation, liberation.

For example, if the lord of the self is in the field of destruction and the lord of destruction is in the field of the self (that is, if there is an exchange between the first and eighth house lords) then the individual is apt to have a short or difficult life. In this way, the system allows us to translate house nomenclature into meaningful terms.

By rulership of certain houses each planet becomes a temporal indicator of certain affairs in life, the most important of which are mentioned below.


This status has been discussed already. By ruling over two houses of power, a planet gains this strength.

INDICATORS OF WEALTH/ DHANA YOGA KARAKAS When a planet rules over two houses of wealth (dhana), it gets this status. Strongest is when a planet rules over houses 2 and 11 (the houses of livelihood and gain). Mercury for Leo Ascendants and Jupiter for Aquarius gain this status. Planets which rule houses 2 and 5, or 2 and 9 gain this power to a lesser extent. These are Mercury for Taurus ascendant, Jupiter for Scorpio, Venus for Virgo, and Mars for Pisces.

Dhana yogas depend upon the ruler of the second, as the second mainly determines wealth. The eleventh as the house of income, the fifth as giving gains through speculation and the ninth as giving luck and unexpected windfalls, are also to be considered.


Jnana is spiritual knowledge. Jnana yoga karakas give spiritual and other profound knowledge. Planets which rule both houses 9 and 12, (the houses of religion and liberation) acquire this status. These are Jupiter for Aries ascendant and Mars for Libra.

Planets ruling houses 2 and 9 gain this status secondarily, like Venus for Virgo ascendant and Mars for Pisces. These give Divine grace or favor in life. Planets ruling both houses 5 and 8 (intelligence and research) also can give extraordinary mental powers if strong. Such planets are Mercury for Aquarius ascendant and Jupiter for Leo.


The sixth house represents disease, as does the eleventh as the sixth from the sixth. Planets ruling both houses 6 and 11 become powerful disease significators. These are Mars for Gemini ascendant and Venus for Sagittarius. Mars is worst as it is naturally a difficult planet.

The eighth house represents death and chronic diseases. The eighth from the eighth is the third. Planets ruling houses 3 and 8 become strong significators of death and disease. These are Mars for Virgo ascendant and Venus for Pisces. Such planets are also significators of longevity as both these are houses of longevity.

Planets which rule houses 6 or 8 along with other malefic houses (3, 6, 11 and 12) become strong significators of disease. Such are Mercury for Aries ascendant, Jupiter for Taurus, Saturn for Cancer and Leo, Jupiter for Libra, Mercury for Scorpio, Saturn for Sagittarius, Jupiter and the Sun for Capricorn, Mars and the Moon for Aquarius, and Saturn for Pisces.


Houses of longevity are 1, 3 and 8. Planets which rule two of these houses have special power in this area. Mars for Aries ascendant and Venus for Libra ruling houses 1 and 8 have this status to the highest degree. Mars for Virgo and Venus for Pisces have this to a secondary degree as already mentioned.


Houses of passion and sexuality are houses 5 (romance), 7 (marriage) and 12 (secret pleasures). A planet ruling over two of these houses can give a very strong passionate or sexual nature. Such planets are Mars for Taurus and Sagittarius ascendants and Venus for Gemini and Scorpio.


Houses 3, 6 and 11 indicate egoism, excess use of force, tendency towards a manipulative, aggressive nature and ulterior motives. When a planet rules two of these houses (sometimes house 10 is also considered in this regard), if strong it can make an individual overly impulsive and self-promoting to the point of blindness or violence.

Such significators of impulsiveness include Mercury for Aries ascendant, Mars for Gemini, Jupiter for Libra, Venus for Sagittarius.

Considering also the tenth house we also have Saturn for Aries. Saturn for Leo can function this way as well, ruling houses 6 and 7 (as the seventh is the tenth from the tenth).

Mars for Aquarius and Venus for Leo are also very impulsive and powerseeking, ruling houses 3 and 10.

Additional, more complicated indications can be derived through understanding the meaning of the two houses a planet rules. Mars for Capricorn and Venus for Cancer rule 4 and 11. Hence they can indicate gain (eleventh house influence) through property (the fourth house). Or they can indicate violence or inclination to injure (eleventh house influence) in the mind (the fourth house). Such meanings should be blended with other indications like the natural status of the planet or the attributes of other planets it may combine with. In this way much depth of meaning can be discovered in otherwise not prominent planetary placements. A planet must always be viewed according to the houses it rules and their meaning on all levels.

The Sun and Moon can be more easily interpreted as they rule only one house at a time and will give their influence more unmixed.

The following is an examination of house rulership Ascendant by Ascendant. One should learn this system of calculation based upon house rulership and see what other insights it can afford. A whole book could be written on this subject alone. It is one of the core insights of Vedic Astrology. Please note that this classification is general. Planets are not just simply good or bad, different factors have to be discriminated within this system.



SIGN SUN MOON MARS MERCURY JUPITER VENUS SATURN Aries 5 A 4 A 1,8 A 3,6 I 9,12 A 2,7 I 10,11 I Taurus 4 N 3 I 7,12 I 2,5 A 8,11 I 1,6 A 9,10 A* Gemini 3 I 2 N 6,11 I* 1,4 A 7,10 I 5,12 A 8,9 N Cancer 2 N 1 A 5,10 A* 3,12 I 6,9 A 4,11 I 7,8 I* Leo 1 A 12 N 4,9 A* 2,11 I 5,8 A 3,10 I 6,7 I* Virgo 12 N 11 I 3,8 I* 1,10 A 4,7 I 2,9 A 5,6 N Libra 11 I 10 N 2,7 I 9,12 A 3,6 I 1,8 A 4,5 A* Scorpio 10 A 9 A* 1,6 A 8,11 I 2,5 A 7,12 I 3,4 I

Aquar. 7 I 6 I 3,10 I 5,8 A 2,11 I 4,9 A* 1,12 A Pisces 6 N 5 A* 2,9 A 4,7 I 1,10 A 3,8 I 11,12 I

A = Auspicious, I = Inauspicious, N = Neutral or Mixed

A* = Very Auspicious, Raja Yoga Karaka, I* Very Inauspicious

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