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Often more important than aspects in Vedic astrology are planetary "yogas". These are complex planetary combinations that consider many factors including sign, house and aspect. Yoga itself means "combination". Many yogas are defined purely in terms of houses. For example, if the lord of the second house of income is in the twelfth house of loss and the lord of the twelfth house of loss is in the second house of income, this is a yoga for poverty. Many yogas require an exchange of signs between the two planets but not necessarily an aspect between them.

Many Hindu astrology books contain long lists of these yogas, which astrologers often memorize. Yet even when they exist in a chart they may require other supporting factors to be really effective. It is more important to understand the principle behind yogas than to memorize specific yogas. All chart interpretation, which must involve synthesizing or correlating indications in the chart, is like a building up of yogas. The more the same result is indicated by as many different factors as possible in a chart, the more it is likely to be true or take effect. It is the principle of "yogic thinking" that we must grasp, the capacity to draw connections. Some very powerful charts have no simple or classical yogas but have other combinations of planets that make for great strength. Indeed, the simpler yogas are not always as powerful as more complex formations which integrate the energy of a greater number of planets.

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