Odd And Even Numbered Signs

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The odd numbered of the constellations are the positive, masculine or active signs, the even numbered are negative, feminine, passive. For example, Aries, sign 1, is the positive or masculine sign of Mars, wherein its energy is outgoing, expressive, manifest. Scorpio, sign 8, is the negative or feminine sign, wherein its energy is internalized, hidden, acting behind the scenes. Generally planets are stronger in positive signs; that is, they can accomplish more. Odd signs have a more yang or solar nature and even signs have a more yin or lunar nature. Odd signs are more energetic or rajasic; even signs are more resistant or tamasic. Both positive and negative signs are necessary; no distinction of high or low, good or bad is implied. The negative side of a planet is that portion of its orbit when it is gathering in cosmic energy; the positive side, when it is releasing it.

The planets exist to bring into the solar system their respective portion of the sevenfold cosmic energy from the stars. The planets are the dynamic principles, whereas the signs are the fields or tissues maintained by their movement. The solar system is an organism. The zodiac reflects the organic relationship of the solar system with the galaxy. The planets are transmission stations that bring in the seven rays from the galactic center, which digest them to allow for the evolution of the solar system and the development of intelligent life on Earth. By this system, Vedic astrology cannot accept Uranus, Neptune or Pluto as ruling signs, as they are ascribed today in Western astrology to rule Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio. This would destroy the sequence of orbits and the logic of sign rulership. However, these planets may be related to the signs in a less direct way. Pluto does appear related to the negative side of Mars, Neptune to the negative side of Jupiter, and Uranus to the positive side of Saturn. They can be considered co-rulers of these signs, just as Ketu and Rahu are often considered to be co-rulers of Scorpio and Aquarius, as their similarity to Pluto and Uranus would affirm.

We see, therefore, that the signs do not exist apart from the planets. Gemini, for example, is nothing but the energy channeled by Mercury in the positive side of its orbit; while Virgo is its energy channeled in the negative half. The energy sustained by the orbit of each planet is projected through two signs of the zodiac, two thirty degree sections of the sky relative to the Earth.

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