Numerology Of The Planets

Each planet is given a certain number based upon this sequence—1. Sun 2. Moon 3. Mars 4. Mercury 5. Jupiter 6. Venus 7. Saturn 8. Rahu 9. Ketu.

These numbers correspond to the energies of the planets. The Sun is one, which is unity, the prime number from which all the others proceed. It is the origin, the guide, the foundation. The Moon is two, which is duality and is the basis for the workings of the mind and emotion. It is relationship, balance and interchange. Mars is three, the number of will and energy. It is power, penetration and decision. Mercury is four, the number of order, balance and reason. Jupiter is five, the number of law and intelligence in manifestation. Venus is six, the number of harmony, beauty and relationship. Saturn is seven, the number of control, limit and completion. Rahu is eight, the number of dispersion and new beginnings. Ketu is nine, the number of realization and liberation. Planetary energy begins with the Sun and follows this sequence to Ketu at the end. Each planet represents a stage in the development and distribution of that solar energy. Each planet can be understood through the law of its respective number, which is usually common in the lives of those ruled by that planet.

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