Mutable Types

Mutable signs show the negative, transitional, unstable, undirected or malleable phase of their respective element. Mutable quality corresponds generally with Sattva; it is the subtle, transformative or refined state of the element, which may, however, cause instability, hypersensitivity and disintegration. (It should be noted that some Vedic astrologers associated fixed quality with Sattva, as it is stable, and mutable quality with Tamas as it is disintegrating, but mutable signs are the best for developing the mind which is of the quality of sattva) Mutable types are flexible, adaptable and capable of many things. They often have many talents, interests, curiosities and skills. They are prone to be indecisive and may find it difficult to act. In addition may be inconsistent and unable to stick to things. They are often mental types and like to think, calculate, worry or reflect and can become too introverted or overly preoccupied with themselves. They more commonly suffer from mental or nervous disorders, immune system derangements and allergies. They are often agile on a physical level, particularly when young, but have poor endurance. They can be very talkative or communicative, though they may not have anything specific to say. They can be good businessmen by their ability to exchange things and can get caught in their ideas and calculations about things. They may be successful as performers, as they can modify the character that they appear to be, but are apt to be unstable. When highly evolved, they are capable of great sensitivity and broad comprehension. When less evolved, they can be erratic, unreliable and neurotic. As souls they are usually completing a phase of manifestation. Mutable types need to have more initiative, daring and willingness to act. They need to set aside their thoughts and work through their actions. They also need independence, firmness, consistency and peace. Above all they need to direct their sensitivity in a more conscious direction so that they are not so easily disturbed by things, so that they use their sensitivity consciously as a tool, rather than have it react against them unconsciously.

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