Major Planets

THE SUN: hot, radiant, light, dry, subtle, clear, sharp/

active, guiding, expanding, penetrating, isolating, insensitive, destructive

THE MOON: cold, wet, heavy, mobile, fast, cloudy, soft, smooth/ passive, responsive, creative, relating, sensitive, nurturing

MARS: hot, radiant, heavy, cloudy, sharp, coarse, mobile/

active, aggressive, penetrating, contracting, isolating, insensitive, destructive

MERCURY: neutral, light, subtle, mobile, fast, smooth, clear/

mutable, responsive, relating, sensitive, expressive

JUPITER: neutral, moist, heavy, static, clear, calm, slow/

active, expanding, creative, relating, guiding, sensitive

VENUS: cool, moist, light, smooth, soft, subtle, cloudy/

passive, responsive, relating, sensitive, creative, expressive

SATURN: cold, dark, dry, heavy, slow, rough, hard, static, gross, dull, coarse/

resisting, retarding, contracting, isolating, insensitive, destructive


RAHU: cold, dry, light, mobile, subtle, dark, cloudy/

retrograde, expansive, destructive, isolating, insensitive, disintegrating

retrograde, isolating, contracting, destructive, penetrating, guiding, releasing DISTANT PLANETS

URANUS: cold, dry, light, subtle, sharp, mobile, fast, active/

inventive, disturbing, disintegrating, isolating, destructive, insensitive

NEPTUNE: cold, wet, light, subtle, cloudy, soft/

passive, relating, sensitive, diffusive, disintegrating

PLUTO: hot, dry, heavy, sharp, hard, coarse, rough/

active, aggressive, penetrating, isolating, destructive, insensitive, disturbing

This science of qualities, actions and elements is common to all branches of Vedic Science. It is its very basis as an objective ascertainment of the nature of things. Hence we should learn to see these attributes in the life around us. When, for example, we see a cold, dry and dark situation, we should note that Saturn's influence must be prevalent as its attributes predominate. Therefore the situation must be under a Saturnian influence, transit, planetary period or dominated by a Saturnian personality. The planets merely represent qualities in nature. The language of astrology is just another form of the language of nature and her basic energetic attributes. For this reason good astrologers can intuit the planetary influences in things by reading their attributes without even having to examine an astrological chart.

It would be too much space to explain all these attributes in detail, how they function and interrelate. Please meditate upon these attributes and their planetary forms yourself. What follows are a few typical indications. Planets which are creative will further our projects in life. Those which are destructive in action will limit them. For example, creative planets will be good for children; destructive ones will tend to deny them. On the other hand, too many creative planets may get us too caught in the outer affairs of life, while destructive planets may also remove us from the lower aspects of life. Planets which are sensitive will increase our openness to others. Those which are insensitive will cause us more to focus on our own individual needs. Those which are relating will connect us to things. Those which are isolating or separating will remove us from them.

These factors work on both the body and the mind. Hot planets will make our body hot and in excess cause fever, infections or bleeding. Cold planets will make our body cold causing weak digestion, poor circulation, pallor and chills. Heavy planets will cause us to put on weight. Light planets will cause us to lose weight.

In the mind, cloudy planets will reduce perception whereas clear planets will increase it. Slow planets will make our minds function slower, whereas fast planets will increase its rate of activity. Again no quality is essentially good or bad and too much of any quality can cause problems.

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