Lunar Yogas

Many planetary yogas involve the Moon. The Moon is a sensitive, gregarious and motherly planet. She does not like to be alone or to function on her own. An unassociated Moon is generally inauspicious, often even if she is otherwise well-placed. For example, the Moon in Cancer or Taurus may not be good if she has no benefic planets around her or influencing her. She is more inauspicious if only aspected by malefics, if in difficult houses like the sixth, eighth or twelfth, if in her fall in Scorpio or in unfriendly signs.

The Moon does well in conjunction with benefic planets or with benefics in adjacent signs. It does better if Jupiter is located an angle from her (what is called "Keshan Yoga"). Aspected or hemmed in by malefics, particularly Saturn and Rahu, she suffers and with her our mind and emotions suffer. Many of the same issues occur if the ascendant is similarly influenced.

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