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Planets possess certain qualities relative to the houses they rule. The lord of the fifth rules over children. When Saturn, a sterile planet, rules the fifth, it becomes a creative force and loses much of his natural sterility. When Mars, an unspiritual planet becomes ruler of the ninth house of spirituality, he gains in spiritual force. The disposition of planets as house lords is as important as their natural disposition. For the prediction of events, in planetary periods, it can be more important.

The art of Vedic astrology revolves largely around the ability to combine natural and temporal status of planets for an integral interpretation.

Many yogas or planetary combinations are stated purely in terms of house lordship. For example, when the lords of the second and eleventh houses combine it is very auspicious for wealth, as both rule houses of income. It is only of secondary import whether the planet involved is Jupiter, a natural significator of wealth, or Saturn, a natural significator of poverty. Jupiter would enhance the yoga by its natural status. Saturn would cause the yoga to manifest more slowly, with difficulty, or through such Saturnian domains as property. But the house lordship is the overriding factor.

In this way the meaning of the planets varies for each Ascendant. Each Ascendant has its own rules and the planets function uniquely relative to each. That is why the Ascendant is so important--it determines not only the basic nature of the person, by its orientation it determines the general meaning of all the planets. Saturn for a Libra ascendant, where it is a strongly benefic house ruler, has a radically different value than Saturn for a Leo ascendant, where its house rulership is highly malefic.

In Vedic astrology, therefore, we must learn not only the meaning of each Ascendant but how planets function relative to each. The ascendant colors the meaning of all the planets. The meaning of planets depends as much upon the Ascendant as upon their own nature. Each Ascendant is a different astrological game and requires a unique shifting of astrological rules.

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