Key Indicators Of Planet

Each planet relates to various factors within ourselves and in our lives. It becomes an indicator or significator of certain things inwardly and outwardly. The judgement on them depends upon how that planet is oriented in the chart. For example, the Sun is the significator of the father. If strong the father will usually is strong, healthy and successful.

Naturally, each planet indicates many things. To be more specific other factors, like various houses and their rulers, must be brought into consideration.

SUN: father, ego, self, soul, individuality, rational mind, honor, status MOTHER: mother, emotions, personality, sociability, happiness, home, popularity

MARS: brothers, friends, enemies, enmity, injury, energy, logic, science MERCURY: childhood, education, intellect, speech, commerce, vocation, adaptability

JUPITER: husband (for woman), guru, dharma, principle, wealth, fortune, grace, children, creativity, health

VENUS: wife (for man), beloved, love, art, conveyances, beauty, comfort, charisma, charm

SATURN: death, longevity, old age, disease, loss, sorrow, property, fate, limitation, obstruction, detachment

RAHU: disease, psychic disturbances, collective trends, mass disturbances, epidemics

KETU: injury, enmity, death, negation, knowledge, liberation, psychic or spiritual insight

URANUS: shock, disturbance, transformation, eccentricity, invention NEPTUNE: psychic sensitivity, imagination, illusion, charm PLUTO: will, domination, manipulation, catastrophes

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