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"Jupiter has large limbs, is heavy, has yellow hair and eyes; his constitution is phlegmatic (kapha), he is intelligent and endowed with all the branches of learning." Parashari 3.27.

Jupiter is well known as the most helpful, generous and benefic of the planets. His grace has always been sought by the votaries of astrology. In Sanskrit, he is called "Guru", the spiritual teacher or the guide. He signifies dharma, the law of our inner nature, which is the law of creative evolution and self-realization. He shows our principles in life, our guiding light of truth. The extend to which one has this can be measured by the disposition of Jupiter in the chart. He is the planet that indicates such domains of principle as law, religion and philosophy. He is a spiritual and ethical (sattvic) planet, which insists upon the pursuit and support of the good. He establishes our good in life and through his influence that goodness comes to us.

Jupiter is the planet of intelligence; not intellect which depends upon information or refined discernment (indicated more by Mercury), but formless intelligence which is goes back to eternal laws, ultimately to the sense of the eternal itself. He represents our sense of the enduring and the extent to which we are aware of, live according to, and manifest cosmic intelligence. He represents the immanent Divine spirit which establishes and upholds even the laws of nature.

Jupiter is the planet of creativity; as intelligence is creative. He signifies outer creativity, as our children, our son, our progeny. From Jupiter the state of our children is to be ascertained; their number, sex, health and our relationships with them.

Yet he is also creativity in the inner sense. He gives powers of expression through solid principles which can produce anything from philosophies to institutions (not so much art, however, which is under Venus). Creativity springs from our inner principles, which are determined by Jupiter. He is expansive and loves to share. Hence his constant delight is in greater unfoldment.

As Mercury tends to show our outer career in life, how we relate to society on a practical level, Jupiter indicates our inner career, where we really find our personal fulfillment and what we enjoy doing. He indicates our spiritual mission in life as Mercury represents our outer expression. With a good Jupiter but without a good Mercury, one may be wise inside but will outwardly appear unwise. Jupiter does not give attention to detail like Mercury and so may not allow us to articulate ourselves with clarity. His concern is more with doing the work right than with explaining how it is rightly done.

Jupiter represents joy in life, joy in living, the positive spirit. He is the great optimist who always sees the good. In him all sorrow, depression and melancholy is overcome or turned into a learning experience. Jupiter is the planet of luck, grace, favor, fortune. He gives wealth, abundance, prosperity and success. In the lower sense he gives fortune on the material plane, for it is the daring optimist who succeeds in the end. He also is indicative of good karma, unexpected rewards. Those who win at races or lotteries or have great inheritances usually have a well placed Jupiter.

In the higher sense, Jupiter is the Divine grace which can fulfill all of our needs without our seeking. He gives religious merit and spiritual beneficence. When Jupiter is with us, all life, all the universe is with us, as he is that cosmic and Divine beneficence.

On a physical level, he is the planet of health. He makes us active in a healthy way and attunes us with the joy of nature. He gives vigor, vitality and a strong immune system.

On the negative side, however, through the expansive Jupiter nature, when it is afflicted, we can become overly optimistic. We will imagine the best and not guard ourselves properly. We will be vulnerable to the deceptive schemes of others. We can over extend ourselves, go beyond our resources, be overly generous or spend too much. Our speculations will prove faulty. We will try to do too much and succeed in nothing. We may suffer from unexpected bad luck, bad karma, trouble with authorities and institutions or loss in litigation. Too much of Jupiter can make us too materialistic, too enamored of wealth and caught in conventional values and beliefs. We may become self-satisfied, too content and caught within the status quo. Jupiter is a fun loving and joyous planet but when wrongly placed can get us caught in the pursuit of pleasure and luxury much like Venus. Though the pleasure of Venus is largely sexual, that of Jupiter is largely of groups and crowds.

Jupiter likes music and can indicate musical talent. He likes shows, ceremonies, parades, rituals. He can make us into a showman. On a lower level, he like parties and can make us self-indulgent. His influence can make a good entertainer or even a rock musician, with his love of expansive energy and noise. His happiness is in sharing, even when unspiritually oriented, he will still cause us to drink with our friends and pay for the drinks.

On a higher level, he indicates the priest and is concerned with propriety, formality and hierarchy. He can make us enamored of ceremony, ritual and display. Hence in Sanskrit he is also called "Brihaspati or Brahmanaspati", the original priest or Brahmin. Jupiter is the great planet of aspiration. It shows our faith in life and can indicate the religion we follow or the form of the Divine we are naturally inclined to worship.

Jupiter shows our devotion and dedication in life. As such, for the woman, it signifies the husband. In her chart it will show his nature, health and her relationship with him. However, this is more true of Hindu society where marriage has followed family and religious sanction. For westerners, where marriage is more owing to choice or passion, Mars often is more indicative of the partner for the female.

Jupiter reveals the expansiveness of our spirit, just as Saturn indicates our capacity to contract or concentrate. It is no wonder that people all over the world have always sought the energy of this planet for inner as well as outer prosperity and creativity. It is the energy of grace in our chart which we can use to further our aim in life, which should be the aim of life itself for the overflowing of beneficence and love.

Jupiter's influence functions on a higher level if tempered with that of the Sun or Saturn, which are more stern and realistic. All planets represent energies which are one-sided in themselves and require the right balancing for true harmony, even that of Jupiter.

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