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The most important factor for determining individual constitution is the ascendant or first house, which governs the physical incarnation generally. Usually people follow the ascendant in their physical type. Yet this is a general rule and other factors have to be considered. Planets located in the first house are important. Mars on the ascendant, for example, often renders a person fiery, particularly if it also aspects the lord of the ascendant.

Along with the ascendant has to be considered the influences upon it and upon its lord. The Sun has to be considered as significator of the first house.

It is good to examine more the Sun for men and the Moon for women, as indicating the physical type. However, when the Moon is stronger than the ascendant it may determine the physical type even for men.

Conjunctions of planets with the Sun or Moon are quite significant. Mars in conjunction with the Sun often make the person fiery.

Planets in the sixth house or aspecting it and its lord also affect the physical constitution by creating our disease tendency and general digestive power.

The main rule is that the planet which has the greatest strength of influence on the various factors representing the body--ie. the first and sixth houses, their lords, the Sun and Moon and their rulers, will generally determine the physical type. If two planets of the same humor (like the Moon and Jupiter which both are water) strongly affect these factors, then the judgement is more assured. In other words, the Ayurvedic constitution usually follows the nature of the strongest planet in the chart or the planetary type which the person represents. However, it is a complicated issue and we do not have the space to go into it here in adequate detail as it presumes some knowledge and experience in astrology and medicine to discuss it.

We should be careful in judging Ayurvedic constitution by the chart alone as it is a complicated matter. A picture or medical history or Ayurvedic questionnaire on the person can be helpful. Astrology considers far more than health or the physical body and it is often difficult to determine which factors in the chart will affect these most specifically.

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