How To Determine Favorable Periods

The general rule is that most favorable times are when there is a combination of different benefic lords; that is, when all the Major, Minor and Subminor lords are benefic in nature and different planets. Next best is if all are benefic but one is repeated twice (so there are still no malefics in the sequence) among them. Of similar nature is a condition in which all period lords rule the same domain of life, as it is seldom that a group of planets is benefic for all domains of life. A time in which the lords of the ninth, eleventh, second and fourth (or fifth) houses combine, will naturally be very good for business and income. On the other hand, for a negative example, when the lords of the sixth, eighth, twelfth, third (or eleventh) combine, disease or difficulties will be more likely.

Particularly auspicious is when a Major planetary period of a benefic planet begins. Of it, the first minor, subminor and subsubminor periods will be ruled by it also. This is a good time for projecting the goals or actions to be achieved within the planetary period as a whole. However, a good planetary period does not always give its results immediately. In the beginning the seeds of its positive developments will come forth but not necessarily the fruit. When Minor periods begin, the Subminor period will also be ruled by the same planet. This is also a favorable time for the affairs of the Minor lord that are in harmony with the Major lord.

The beginning of planetary periods, particularly the Major and Minor, is a good time for balancing via gems, mantras, deities or other remedial measures the possible negative influences of the period lords.

If the planet is benefic but weak we can strengthen its influence via its gem. If it is malefic, we can propitiate it via mantra, ritual or worship. If it is malefic we can strengthen the Lord of its ruling period if the lord is benefic. For example, if a negative Saturn minor period is staring within a positive Jupiter major period, one can either propitiate Saturn or strengthen Jupiter.

Of these period rulers the Major lord is most important for determining the general nature of the time, then the Minor, Subminor and Subsubminor lords in order.

For example, if the Major lord rules the second, a house of livelihood, the Minor the eleventh, a house of income, the subminor the ninth, a house of fortune, material gain is likely. On the other hand, if the Major lord rules the ninth, a house of religion, the Minor the fifth, a house of intelligence and the Subminor the second, a house of intellect, it would be more favorable for communication of spiritual, religious or legal principles.

Of course, the natural status of the planets must be considered as well. If one is in a period in which the Major lord rules the sixth, the Minor lord the eighth and the Subminor lord is a temporally benefic Mars or Saturn, the natural malefic nature of these planets may quite likely be brought into play along with the general difficult nature of the predominant period lords.

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