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The calculation of the Vedic chart can be done according to the same method as the calculation of the Western Tropical chart, only the Ayanamsha is subtracted from all planetary and sign positions. Thus any typical Western chart can be turned into a Vedic chart through subtracting the Ayanamsha. For this reason, we will not go into how to calculate charts. This can be found in many common Western astrology books, which can be examined for reference. There is a special Indian way of calculating charts but it is very complicated, for example, depends upon figuring the time of dawn, and so is not important to learn. Planetary aspects from the western chart, however, will not be applicable. In addition, the house cusps in the Western chart will mark the middle rather than the beginning of the house in the Vedic system. These issues will be discussed in their appropriate sections.

One should calculate the western chart and transpose it into the eastern by subtracting the appropriate Ayanamsha. One can use a Vedic astrology computer program or send away to an astrological service for a Vedic chart according to the Ayanamsha preferred. Vedic astrology has many more calculations in its system than the Western system. Hence a computer program is almost essential for its practice. As in all astrological calculations one should make sure of the accuracy of the birth data.

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