Houses In Harmonic Charts

This house by sign system most commonly used in Vedic astrology may appear rather simplistic to practitioners of Western astrology and their sometimes detailed approach to calculating the houses. In this regard, it resembles the issue of planetary aspects. Again, the additional use of harmonic charts gives greater specificity to the house meanings in the Vedic system and can take the place of more specific house delineation.

We note the orientation of the houses, particularly the Ascendant, in harmonic charts. Most general is that of the harmonic third or decanate position. The most important of these harmonic charts is the harmonic ninth or Navamsha, from which all houses and aspects can be read as an additional chart. The Ascendant in the Navamsha is the most variable factor in the chart, as it changes its sign every 13 minutes. As such it is the most important factor for fine tuning in the chart.

In harmonic charts, houses and aspects are always determined by sign. The birth chart, as the first or primary harmonic chart, can be read more simply in this manner also. Houses by sign, like aspects by sign, allow for an easy harmonic calculation that can be rendered more subtle by harmonic subdivisions. Thereby complex calculations are not needed but specificity is not lost.

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