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Both Vedic and Western astrology judge the affairs of a house by noting the influences on the house and its ruler (the planet that rules the sign occupying the house cusp). To this the Vedic system adds another planet as the general "house significator". These planets are the same for all charts. Their position in the chart should be considered in regard to the affairs of the particular house. Some houses have more than one planetary significator, relative to different affairs under the sphere of the house. This helps us differentiate the meanings of a particular house (see examples below).

FIRST HOUSE-—The Sun (the significator of the self) SECOND HOUSE—Jupiter (as significator of earning capacity) Mercury (as significator of childhood, speech, education)

THIRD HOUSE-----Mars (as significator of energy and prowess)

FOURTH HOUSE—The Moon (significator of mind, emotions, mother)

FIFTH HOUSE-----Jupiter (as significator of children, creativity, and intelligence)

SIXTH HOUSE-----Mars (as significator of enmity, injury and theft)

Saturn (as significator of disease)

SEVENTH HOUSE—Venus (significator of wife in male chart)

Jupiter (significator of husband for female)

EIGHTH HOUSE—Saturn (significator of death and longevity)

NINTH HOUSE-----Jupiter (as significator of dharma)

Sun (as significator of the father)

TENTH HOUSE-----Mercury and Jupiter (for profession)

Sun (for fame and prestige)

ELEVENTH HOUSE--Jupiter (as significator of gain) TWELFTH HOUSE—Saturn (as significator of loss)

We see that the significators of the houses are different than the rulers of the respective signs (following the house/sign analogy). Mars as the significator of the third house is not the same as Mercury, the ruler the third sign Gemini. We also see that some planets are significators of more than one house: Jupiter relates to houses 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11, Saturn to houses 6, 8 and 12. This can help us discriminate the different effects of a planet. For the indications of children in the chart, we can examine Jupiter and the fifth house; for dharma (religion or spirituality) we can examine Jupiter and the ninth, for income Jupiter and the eleventh and for livelihood Jupiter and the second. For disease, we can examine Saturn and the sixth, for longevity Saturn and the eighth and for sorrow and liberation Saturn and the twelfth.

Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes, can be treated as joint significators with their planetary counterparts--Rahu with Saturn, Ketu with Mars. Yet Rahu is a special significator of foreigners, judged relative to the sixth house. Ketu is the special significator of liberation, judged relative to the twelfth house. Some may wish to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in this regard. Pluto appears to correspond most to the eighth house, death and the hidden will. Neptune may be useful relative to the twelfth as imagination and the subconscious. Uranus appears like Saturn and the sixth house, as a disrupting influence.

All planets are significators of different things. Some of these we may not be able to define in terms of only one house. Venus, in this way, is the significator of art. Art would be judged by the second, particularly poetry, and the fourth, the capacity for emotion, pathos or drama, and the fifth as a measure of general creativity.

It is usually good if the significator of a particular house aspects that house. It is not considered so good if it is located in that house. For example, Jupiter in the fifth is not considered good for children. When a planet is located in a sign or house it owns or significates any negative aspect would be double as it affects both the house and its indicator.

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