House Lords As Specific Significators

Planets as house lords have more specific meanings relative to the houses they rule. For example, the lord of the eleventh house, though generally malefic in terms of health and prone to make the character egoistic or impulsive, is still the lord of the house of gains and as such is good for material acquisitions and often gives good intelligence and capacity to work with groups of peoples (these being the indications of the eleventh house).

When Mercury is the lord of the second and eleventh houses for a Leo ascendant, it is a ruler of two houses of gain and income and as such becomes a double significator of wealth and income. Hence, apart from its generally somewhat malefic nature for this Ascendant in terms of health or judgement, it is particularly good for wealth.

The rule is that a planet is good for the affairs of the houses it rules, though it may not be so for the ascendant or the chart as a whole. This is because houses only represent one aspect of life and some rule over negative things in life. The lord of the twelfth in this way is good for giving losses, that being the power of its house that it boosts up, but it is not good for the Ascendant as a whole. The lord of the sixth is good for promoting disease, or giving power to our enemies, as that is what he rules. The lord of the eighth can give death, negativity or devitalization and so on.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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