House Correlation

A unique principle of Vedic astrology is the correlation of houses (what is called Sanskrit "bhavat bhavam", meaning literally "from house to house"). By this principle, houses the same number of houses away from a particular house as that house is from the Ascendant, will possess similar effects. For example, the tenth house is a house of power, prestige, social and political influence. The tenth house from the tenth house (counting the tenth itself as the first house) is the seventh house. So the seventh will also be a house of power, prestige and so on.

The ninth is a house of grace, luck and fortune. Thus the ninth house from the ninth, namely the fifth house, will also share these traits.

The eighth house is a house of death, destruction and longevity. The eighth from the eighth, the third house, will also indicate these. For longevity, then, we would examine not only the eighth house but also the third. If both are afflicted it would much more likely indicate short life, than if only one were afflicted. The sixth is a house of disease, injury and enmity. The sixth from the sixth, or the eleventh house, will also relate to these factors. Hence if a planet is the ruler of both the sixth and the eleventh houses, it is doubly a significator of violence. The fifth is a house of children, creativity and intelligence. The fifth from the fifth, or the ninth house, can similarly be examined for determination of the state of children, etc.

The fourth house relates to the emotional state of the person, home and happiness. The fourth from the fourth, or the seventh house, can also be considered conjointly with the fourth for determining these affairs.

Other applications of the principle of house correlation exist. For example, the twelfth house is the house of negation, representing the end of life. Applying this principle generally, the twelfth house from any house will be its negation. The ninth house is the house of fortune, grace, honor and luck. The house twelfth to it, the eighth house, will be the negation of these traits; it will represent misfortune, disfavor, dishonor and bad luck.

The seventh house represents relationship. Twelfth from it is the sixth house, which will thereby represent enmity, conflict or the denial of relationship. This principle can also be used to show the negation of the meaning of negative houses. The sixth house is a house of disease. Twelfth from it is the fifth house, which indicates thereby the negation of disease or the positive condition of health. Hence increasing the influence of the fifth house and its ruler can neutralize the effects of the sixth house and help prevent disease.

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